Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spending time with family

My sister Debbie with Sassy ( She just loves her Aunt Debbie)

Me, Debbie and Dad

Dear ole" Dad

I had a really awesome day today. I didn't get anything done but, it's Sunday and aren't we supposed to rest on the Sabbath anyways? I think I am going to need this rest because the rest of the week will be extremely busy for me. I will be canning more tomatoes and juice besides getting ready for my sale. I can tell you right now, I am hardly super woman when it comes to these sort of things. This is going to be a tiring week for sure. Anyways, I love spending time with my Dad and Sister and today was just that. Debbie made lunch and brought it over.We had stuffed green peppers, ( DH loves these and Debbie had promised she would make these sometime for him) corn on the cob, fresh sliced tomatoes, cheese, kohlrabi, and green tomato bread. YUMMY! Debbie is a fantastic cook and I don't believe there hasn't been anything she has made I didn't like. In fact, I usually end up with the recipe afterwards. She takes alot of pride in her cooking. Dad was invited to eat with us also. We all had good food, and good fellowship. I believe spending time with other family members is important. Time goes by more quickly than we realize at times. I don't want to look back and wish that I could have spent more time with family members like my dad or sister but didn't because of whichever reason it was at the time. Have a great day everyone!

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