Tuesday, May 12, 2009

windows vista and a new computer

You all probably know by now I got my new computer. My son set it up for me last night. He is the computer wizard so it only seemed fitting to let him set it up instead of hubby who would be so much slower at it. I love this computer but, since I was used to windows xp and all that old technology this is going to take some getting used to. I have got so much to learn. It's not hard just different. I still have my dial up but Wow! this computer is soooo much faster than that old thing I had been using. Speaking of dial-up....I'm guessing it's becoming the thing of the past because,when hubby and I were shopping for a computer neither one of us gave it a thought as to remember or tell the salesman we had dial-up so I get this computer, we start setting up and realize...no Internet because modems in computers are not standard anymore! So..hubby I believe, still lives old school because him and my son go to staples and Hubby tells them He just spent $800.00 for a new computer and he is not happy! I am so glad I was not with him. Well, to make a long story short, we have a brand new modem now to go along with the new computer. Hubby says he wants everything new and wasn't going to stick our old modem in a brand new computer. Ha Ha I'm not going to argue with that. Anyways, I managed to get a few pictures downloaded from my camera. I would like to share with you these pictures.

Dalton's 1st birthday!
Jasmyne, Abby, and Jocelyne (Easter Sunday)

Reese is showing off !

On Easter Sunday...Jocelyne and Jasmyne with my stepdaughter Amanda

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  1. Those kiddos are adorable!j Great pics, thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your new computer!