Thursday, May 28, 2009

The 30 day challenge update

Well, here it is my 30 day challenge update! I know I am a little late on this because of taking a few days off from my blog. The good thing is I lost 5 lbs! I will be happy to except that. I didn't get my walking and crunches in every day but I have been working hard moving around all the time, eating less and so forth. A good part of it was having these garage sales almost back to back which is alot of work. It's amazing that you do not have to go to a fancy gym or do sit ups every day but, just getting off your keester and moving around and eating a bit less is will do the trick. I will definitely continue to sit less move more. I may not lose alot but I know I will be alot healthier for it. So... how did you do?

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