Friday, May 15, 2009

Another sale????

Yes, another sale is in progress. My sister Sheila has graciously opened her garage for a sale next week for a few of us in the family. Today I have been busy helping her set up the tables, pricing a few things and setting out a few things. There will be 7 of us participating. It will be a great sale. You might think I am crazy because I just had a sale of my own a couple of weeks ago. Well, I might be, This is different and easier when you actually have a garage. Since it is also the week for city wide garage sales, a volume of people will be no problem. I am excited. Sheila and I work together quite well and we actually had fun today. Tomorrow I will help in the afternoon again. We hope to get alot accomplished. Please pray the weather cooperates as there is nothing like rain to dampen things.


  1. Sounds like a great idea to me! Hey what town is having the sales. If you don't mind email me if you get a minute. Are they starting on Thursday??

    I really need to get to some for some clothes for my 8yr old! Just wondered what town you're talking about!

    thanks if you get a chance
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