Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garden Labels

Spring has finally sprung, and most of us has tilled and planted our garden or will be planting soon. Now that my yard sale is over I will be concentrating on my garden. I am a little behind this year but, I hope to have the garden tilled and some of my cool weather crops in like my green onions, potatoes, radishes and lettuce. So with that, I thought I would post a quick good tip. Do you need a way to label your plants or rows in the garden? Next time you are at a garage sale or thrift shop and see a white ( or any pale color) vinyl venetian blind, snap it up or maybe perhaps you already have an old one laying around. A single standard venetian blind will give you tons of labels that will last all summer that will withstand the elements. Just cut the string holding the slats apart, then cut each slat in half with a pair of scissors. ( the vinyl cuts easy) take each half and cut into 2 pieces in a diagonal. Now you have a perfect plant marker with a pointy end ready to stick in the soil. You simply write the information on the slat with a permanent marker.

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  1. Good tip! I will remember this for next year!

    I just did a post on gardening, I love tips!