Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A positive note

It's March already and springtime is just around the corner. This is good and should cheer every ones soul. The Eastern US got alot of snow this year, here in Indiana we were lucky, we got snow but we didn't get hammered like some of our Eastern friends. Anyways, the weatherman is saying by the end of the week it could reach the 50 degree mark around here. Now, that's talking! This should melt alot of snow we have left on the ground. But, this post isn't about the weather. On a positive note, awhile back I said I had an amazing week and it's all but been amazing since then. The first of January when everything went wrong from having pinkeye to tearing a muscle in my back, I began to wonder what next? DH has worked hard all winter instead of the usual being laid off from work and we never got to go ice fishing but , that's okay. I stayed in the house everyday for 2 months while January and February just flew on by. That's okay too. We were given a whole house full of stuff lots of stuff from a repo that DH's boss bought the first of the year.It took DH several truckloads to haul it home. Our 3 sheds and 2 rooms in our house are packed full every square inch but, that's okay because I thought last years yard sale was remarkable. This years sale will be the bomb! We bought ourselves a new truck, well, used, but new to us. We paid cash and it's all paid for. DH and I were not looking that day although we knew we would have to soon in the near future. Our little mercury topaz had no door handle on the outside drivers side, the back floor board had rusted out. It had no exhaust system and it had shifting linkage issues. I heard DH's boss at work calling it a death trap. DH's boss's are giving us a 2000 Cadillac because they said DH has done such a good job for them and has been to work everyday. They said they wanted to show him their appreciation by buying this vehicle for us. That's a pretty hefty bonus!We can't thank them enough. DH and I had tears in our eyes because DH has always had to work so hard for everything he has ever owned. This car will be so nice because I will have a car to drive now. So, in spite of all the negative this winter everything has turned out positive and that is truly something to be thankful for!

Our 1991 Chevy Silverado. A little older but, better looking and better shape all round!

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