Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's just one of those days

Today was a very busy day as the weather has been so warm and nice and I was in the spring cleaning mode. The laundry was piling up and what I thought was going to be this productive day was definitely not. My first load of laundry was a nightmare as the washer decided to take a dump. Here I was with a full load of jeans and t-shirts that was soaking wet and I couldn't get the water out of the washer. I took them out wringing them out the best I could and hauled them to my best friend and neighbor who graciously let me use her washing machine and dryer. She also had me do all my laundry there so it would be done. She is such a kind woman. I tryed to work cleaning my house in between going back and forth to her house doing my laundry. Then my father showed up for coffee, thats okay because I love seeing my dad. Then my son showed up and that just about halted anymore cleaning. My DH said our washing machine was shot and if were a belt that broke he would've fixed it. So I guess we were going to have to get a new one. Ugh! I hate the thought spending the money right now but, hey, I will not go to the laundry mat! Our washing machine was a good little machine I bought it at a yard sale for $50 back in 2003, I would say we got our moneys worth out of it. So.... off we go to get a new washer and dryer and as I thought the salesman tries to sell us the more expensive high efficiency model. I don't need anything fancy i just need something that will wash our clothes. We found a nice set and it will be delivered Friday. Yep, It's just one of those days!

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