Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

My self esteem has soared 3 fold this past weekend! My hubby told me he could tell I was losing weight. Well, quite frankly I didn't believe him as I thought my DH was just being nice. To tell you the truth, I have felt better but weight loss? nawwww! My brother in law from Indianapolis stopped in yesterday and out of the blue he told me I looked like I had lost some weight. hugh? He doesn't know I am dieting neither.Well I must be doing something right and you can bet I will continue doing what I'm doing. This is great news for me. Losing excess body fat has not been an easy task for me. I am determined to lose this blubber once and for all. After I injured my back I couldn't exercise, let alone move around for 2 months! I am trying to slowly incorporate exercise in my everyday routine. Springtime needs to arrive soon so I can start walking daily outside.

Making smart healthy choices and watching my portions will be the same. My menu this week is just that while keeping costs down and using what I have on hand.


chili ( made with venison)



steamed california blend(broccoli,cauliflower, carrots)

tossed green salad


chicken and noodles

green beans

apple sauce


fruit of some kind and or jello


chicken stir fry

brown rice


mini meatloaves

mashed potatoes

steamed peas


on our own today!

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