Sunday, February 28, 2010

Walgreens 2/28/2010

I spent $5.43 with tax!
Received $8.00 RR"s back
total savings $43.95
At Walgreens today I felt I did pretty good. I stayed around the $5.00 mark which I have been desperately trying to do every week. I wished I had did the Kleenex deal, however, I may still do it yet this week. I am very pleased with the Starbucks frappachino deal as I love this stuff and will not pay full price for it. I am glad I saved my coupons for this to get it at .25 cents each. My deals from this trip went like this:

4 Starbucks frappachinos $2.29 each
used 4-100/1 MQ and 4.16 off in ad/Q
final price $1.00 for 4
1 Schick intuition razor $8.99
used 4.00/1 MQ
final price $1.99

2 Nivia lip shimmers $7.98
used BIGI MQ and in ad/Q for .99 cents each
final price $2.01 MM

2 reach floss $1.79 each
1 reach toothbrush $ 1.59 each
used 3- 1.00/1 MQs and in ad/ Q for .99 cents each
final price FREE

2 Motrin pm $2.99 each
used $1.50 off from March coupon book and 3.00/2 MQ
final price .49 cents each

2 Tylenol cold $4.99 each
used 3.00/2 MQ
final price $6.98

1 bowl fresh ( filler item) .99 cents
used in ad/Q .6o off
final price .39 cents
I also used $2.50 in RR"s
How about you? Did you find any thrifty deals at Walgreen's?

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