Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Do you ever sit down to plan a weeks meals for your family and you find yourself staring at your notepad without a single idea in your head? For the most part that is me! Perhaps it's because DH wants and loves meat and potatoes, nasty, greasy foods are all the better, while I prefer healthy whole foods. Not good! But, in reality meal planning will save yourself time, effort and money, and by working out in advance what to cook and shop ahead so you have everything you need. You will also be less likely to resort to using processed fast foods because there"s nothing in the house. Healthy meal planning doesn't have to be hard and it's worth getting in the habit. My menu this week is pretty much the same, simple and nothing fancy while still trying to please my not so healthy DH and the healthy conscious me and still being able to use food I have on hand.


Beef and noodles (using leftover beef from last weeks beef roast)

steamed broccoli



Baked chicken ( boneless chicken breasts dipped in egg, rolled in crushed durkee onion)

brown rice

harvard beets


going out!


cube steak with mushrooms

mashed potatoes

green beans


chicken stir fry with brown rice


spaghetti and meatballs

tossed green salad


ON our own!

There is more great menu plans at Organizing Junkie

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