Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

These are difficult times for many people and on this Thanksgiving, for some, it may be difficult to find a reason to be thankful. For some of us there has been job loss, some are facing foreclosure on their homes for which they have worked and sacrificed, Some families just struggle to stay warm and fed. For some people they have seen their retirement savings diminish in the face of the meltdown on wall street. On this Thanksgiving coming up and Thankful Thursday I want to give thanks for faith, that faith, still despite the hard times sees us through those tough times. This Thanksgiving as you gather with family and friends, take time out to reflect, giving thanks for all things, no matter how small or trivial they may seem. Your friends, family, health, jobs, if we just look closely we can all find a reason to be thankful. i believe being thankful reminds me of whats important, for me its hard to complain about the little things, when I give thanks that our children and grandchildren are alive and healthy. It's hard to get stressed out over paying bills when I am grateful there is a roof over my head. I am grateful my hubby and I have challenges. Life isn't boring. I am grateful we learn from these challenges and am thankful they make me a stronger person and builds character. I am trying to be grateful for our car.It may be rusting out, we cannot open the door on the drivers side because the door handle fell off, it doesn't have an exhaust system or muffler because that fell off awhile back also. It has had several brake problems. I have to be thankful it gets us from point A to point B. We don't have the finances for a better car at the time But, I know some people who don't even have transportation. What are you giving thanks for this year? Head on over to Grace Alone Share your thoughts, leave your link.


  1. I think this is a great post and what you've said is very true. There are many blessings everywhere if we but look for them. You have found many that grace your life. Have a wonderful week. Blessings to you, Debbie