Sunday, November 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It has been an exciting weekend here at the Herlan household. My hubby has been out bow hunting and got a really nice doe Sunday night. Needless to say, he is beaming. For awhile our only conversation is the story of his deer adventure. I am happy for him and so thankful for the venison we will have for this winter. This week I've decided to make the meals a little exciting and to try out some new recipes from my new kraft food & family magazine that I received in the mail earlier last week. Does anyone else get this magazine? I love it! Sadly to say it's my last issue for free as, they charge for the subscription now. Anyways, as for my menu this week....

MONDAY -*weeknight ravioli bake, garlic bread, tossed green salad

TUESDAY- pork chops, fried potatoes, peas

WEDNESDAY-ham and beans, corn bread

THURSDAY-* tuna cakes, corn, tossed green salad

FRIDAY-pancakes, sausage, fruit

SATURDAY-* saucy mexican chicken, corn casserole

SUNDAY- on our own today! has some great menu ideas! Be sure to check it out!

* tuna cakes, page 57
*saucy mexican chicken page page 62
*weekend ravioli bake page 58
All from the Holiday 09 kraft food and family magazine


  1. I will not be subscribing to the paid subscription for Food & Family. I got my last issue yesterday.

    Will you be processing your deer yourself? We have a Conservation Officer friend in Indiana who says it is $50 to have it done.

  2. Yea, we process it ourselves. $50 is cheap. Iv'e seen where you can have it done for $100. We are cheap and don't mind doing it ourselves. We grind most all meat in burger anyhows. I like to put it in my chili. As for the magazine, I don't want to pay for a subscription. But I like the magazine though.