Thursday, November 5, 2009

Processing our venison

Today I helped my dad process our deer. Hubby had to work and it is too hard for my dad to do alone. The really gross part was done the night before when hubby and dad cut up the meat in chunks so that dad and I could grind it up in burger today and put in freezer. Processing deer is not that hard but it sure is alot of work. My dad has a very bad back right now and unless he gets considerably better by the time we get another deer, We may find ourselves having it processed by someone else. Anyways, on to my dads basement........

First, We grind the meat chunks by an electric grinder that has been sterilized into these sterilized stainless steel pans
I then measure out 1 lb. of meat into a little cardboard tray thingy that is lined with saran wrap, unto this scale ( we use a baby scale)

It is then wrapped again in freezer paper. My dad uses an iron to seal it.

There you have it! All wrapped and sealed.....

Labeled and ready for the freezer.

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