Monday, November 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is upon us so soon. I mean really, where does the time go? It is going to be another busy week here. Almost all the kids and of course the grand kids will be here will be here for Thanksgiving. I am going to make 2 turkeys this year, one stuffed and one not. This however wasn't planned but, the reason behind it is that the hubby and I bought a turkey awhile back when Walmart had them really cheap. Last Friday I was given another turkey, which I am so ever grateful for but, there was this wee problem. I could not fit it in the freezer, between the turkey we bought and all the containers of pumpkin glop I froze, there was no way that turkey was going in! Two turkeys.....Lots of leftovers....That is my favorite part Thanksgiving! My menu looks like this for the week...
MONDAY- Pizza, green salad
TUESDAY- grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, fruit
THANKSGIVING- turkey and dressing,whole wheat dinner rolls, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied sweet potatoes, relish tray with pickles, olives, cheese, carrots, celery and deviled eggs, apple pie and pumpkin pie
FRIDAY-leftovers from Thanksgiving
SATURDAY- leftovers from Thanksgiving
SUNDAY- on our own!
For more menu ideas be sure to check out organizing junkie


  1. It's nice to have that type of blessing...two turkeys. Could you believe the terrific sales? Wow!

    Your menu sounds delicious. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Have you ever heard of shelf milk? If so, can you use it in a baking recipe?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Yes, I have heard of shelf milk. It is still milk. Everything about it is the same, taste, texture, color, and nutrional value. Only the process is different so, I couldn't see why you couldn't bake with it.