Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Giveaway bug

You can win! This week has been my lucky week. I have won a elefan and friends gift set ( 2 games from Hasbro) and a set of CVS bags and tags. Since I have been blogging I have entered giveaways, surprisingly winning quite a few. There is alot of blog giveaways in bloggy land. These giveaways are awesome and has helped considerably around Christmas enabling me to give gifts for my family I otherwise can't afford. I rely on giveaways for this alot. Winning a blog giveaway or contest are definitely better than winning the lottery. With the lottery you basically throw your money down the toilet. Blog giveaways are free. You have nothing to lose but your time. It is time consuming. You have to take the time by visiting the Sponser's site and answering questions, think about a comment and then entering multiple ways by tweeting being a fan on facebook, being a follower on twitter and the blog, maybe subscribing, ect. all separate comments. This makes the odds greater. If it is something you are really wanting to win, making the effort to enter with bonus entries increase your odds. Go on a hunt for a contest that has great odds, enter and just wait for the win. Remember you can't win if you don't enter. This time of year I enter contest and giveaways like crazy. I guess I have more time to. After winning a few it is easy to catch the giveaway bug and start devoting alot of extra time entering. http://freebloggiveaways.com/ has post links to contests and giveaways all over the Internet. This list is updated everyday.

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