Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where did the summer go?

Can you believe its September 8th already? I mean.....Where did the summer go? It seems as though it just got started and quick as a flash its over. It hardly feels as if we have had a Summer here in Northern Indiana. For the most part its been cool with very few hot days scattered here and there and a rainy pattern. Hubby will start taking docks out this Thursday. Most people will be heading back to Florida again already including our neighbors. It doesn't seem possible. Hubby says our dock will be taken out sometime in mid October. I am hoping we can get more fishing done out on the pontoon between now and then. We finally got our worm bed made and now have thousands of fishing worms enjoying their new home. DH has hunting on his mind.( sigh...) It has been raining the last couple of days and if it ever dries up some I have my winter onions to plant and the garden needs cleaned up. I am not sure if the rest of my tomatoes will ripen on the vine with the cooler days and nights Pooh!. We may be bidding goodbye to summer, but lets not forget that autumn is a great time to enjoy life here in Northern Indiana. The air is crisp, the nights are cooler and the humidity is comfortable.Autumn colors is just ahead. There is something to be said for a beautiful fall day. Early fall is okay with me but, I'm in no rush for winter.

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