Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to another blessed thankful Thursday. Today I am thankful my dad is going to be alright. He has been sick and I was very worried about him. Those that know me, know I am close to my dad and closer to him that I have been in years. I am thankful for the opportunity of getting to know him as a person over these past years and try to appreciate every moment I spend with him now. Hubby and I enjoy his company when he comes over for coffee as well as fishing with him off the pontoon. It is a relationship, I have wanted for years but never had like I have had the last year or so .My relationship with him is the best it has been. He was supposed to come for coffee the other morning but, never showed up. I later found out that morning he was very sick in bed. First thing I thought was he had the dreaded H1N1 virus or maybe the swine flu or just something terrible Many dreaded thoughts raced in my head. I know , that probably sounds silly. Heck, when you are up there in years like him it is hard to fight something as simple as the flu or any virus for that matter. He went to the doctor this morning and he has an inner ear infection. Now, though this is not good, it is good it is not the flu or something along that line. The doctor gave him medicine and I am confident he will get better now. Hubby and I are looking forward to his recovery and another morning with coffee and fellowship. Thank you Lord for another week of faithfulness!

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