Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making a worm bed

The Hubby and I have talked about making a worm bed for quite some time now. Having one can be handy when you get the notion to go fishing. You will have worms right there ready for you, and not to mention this is cheaper by far than going to the bait shop to buy them. The worms can make a great soil which is good for putting in pots or even spreading in the garden. The soil from the worms can be real rich and makes your plants thrive on them. So far we have 2 - 5 gallon buckets of worms started. They are rabbit manure worms compliments of my Dad. I add table scraps and dirt to the buckets. I don't use any meat or cheese. I just use fruits, veggies, even coffee grinds. I guess you could say I'm feeding the pet worms and I swear they are producing more worms in these buckets. The buckets are plastic so as not to attract alot of heat for summertime conditions. Sometimes I stir it up a little so it doesn't get hot. Now, of course these worms are doing okay in the buckets but, making a worm bed would be more of a permanent home for the worms. A worm bed is quite simple to make and requires very few materials and very little maintenance. Not only do we have all the materials needed but also have the perfect location. You need to choose a location that is not in direct sunlight all day long. This will make it easier to keep moisture in the worm bed. We can form the walls of our worm bed by creating a square with cinder blocks. Cinder blocks measuring 6" high, 4" wide and 8" long. We will butt the ends together making sure that the edges match up well. Then we will line the inside with thick landscaping plastic. This will cover the bottom and all sides. Shredded newspaper or cardboard in water will then be placed inside the bed, filling the worm bed halfway with paper. We will then pour enough compost or manure over the shredded paper to fill the worm bed to the top and mixing well. Covering the top of the bed we will use chicken wire or something like that. Covering it will keep critters out. Now, we can add the worms and let nature take its course. I am really looking forward to getting this worm bed made and having lots of our own worms to fish with.

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