Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday- Bathing my dog

I love my dog Sassafrass, a yorkie-shit-zu, one of the things I do to show my love for her is to bathe her on a regular basis along with keeping her groomed and flea proof as( much as possible) She is in dire need of grooming at the groomers but, for today a good bath will have to do. I have been slacking in this area. I usually bathe her once a week. Since Sassafrass is only 4 lbs.,I find it easiest to bathe her in the kitchen sink. First thing, check that you have all the necessary items in close proximity, a towel, dog shampoo, brush, blow dryer. Secondly check hair, is it tangled and knotted? if so give it a quick brush in order to loosen it. It also helps loosen any dirt. When bathing, the water should be of a lukewarm temperature. Be careful as to not get shampoo or water in the eyes or ears. I use a good flea shampoo. Make sure you rinse well. I then give her a soft cuddle and dry with a towel. I do not let her run around with wet hair if its a cold day, because there's a good chance she will get a cold I therefore use a hair dryer set on low, not getting too close to her skin. She loves this except when you are drying the top of her head. I cuddle and praise her. She is such a good girl. Here is a picture of my Sassafrass. Isn't she cute?

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