Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Monday at Mimi and Papa's house

Today was another full day taking care of 2 of my 4 granddaughter's. You see, my daughter who is a single mother has been going to college. On Mondays she doesn't have a sitter so, I take care of the girls ages 1 and 2 that day. Now, either I am getting used to this or the girls were just exceptionally good this week. Yep, we don't call Abby, Grabby Abby for nothing. I actually got 2 loads of laundry done and my dishes without interruption and sleep most all morning. How? you ask? The girls were exceptionally tired. Abby layed down with her sippy and fell asleep. Jocelyne curled up on the chair with a pillow and afghan. Soon her eyes gave out, and la la land she went. I believe this was a great opportunity for Mimi to get a few more zzzzzz's herself. We all slept until 12:30pm. The girls played well with each other the rest of the day. They were excited when Papa arrived home from work. The rest of the day was spent using Papa as a jungle gym. No zzzzzz"s for Papa today. Yep, just another Monday at Mimi and Papa's house.

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