Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Menards Rebate Program

My hubby and I love to shop at Menard's. Now, for those of you who do not know, most every week they sometimes offer free after rebate items. The last several weeks there has been 4-5 items each week. Most of them are limits of 1-5 each. This week is no exception. If you're not familiar with the Menard's rebate program or if you are new to Menard's, here is how the rebates works.Now, first off, keep in mind, in order to get the free after rebate items, you must purchase an additional $10.00 worth of non-rebated items. You only need $10.00 per transaction, no matter how many freebies you get. If you don't see anything you need or want at the time, you can buy a $10.00 gift card. Okay, say you purchase 1 measuring tape and 1 pry bar, you will need 1 rebate card for each different item you purchased. If you got 2 measuring tapes, you need 1 card for that rebate. After you check out be sure to pick up the rebate cards by the door. Remember, you will need 1 rebate card for each different item you purchased. When you get home, you simply put on an address label on each card and match it up with the rebate receipt that printed at the bottom of your receipt. That's it! In a few weeks you should begin getting the rebates in the mail. Its important for me to note that the rebates are not real checks. They are merchandise checks for Menard's and can only be spent at Menard's. This isn't a big deal to me because I plan on using the rebates to buy more free stuff at Menard's, kinda like we all use ECB"s at CVS....... Same idea! This weeks free after rebate deals are----------------

  • 60 yd. duct tape, Free after $2.50 rebate, limit 3
  • 7 pc. handy driver, Free after $2.00 rebate, limit 2
  • ultimate all-season windshield washer, Free after $2.50 rebate, limit 2
  • Led crank flashlight, Free after $5.00 rebate, limit 2

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