Friday, February 27, 2009


The ice is breaking up on the lake and with that, I can barely contain myself. I have been thinking about fishing probably as much as thinking about my garden. For me it is a hobby to relax and spend quality time with the husband and or friends. We live on a small fishing lake here in northern Indiana, bass, bluegill, crappie and perch are mainly fished here and are abundant. I like to fish for bluegill and bass but, I love bluegill the best for eating. My love for fishing goes way back. My parents used to have a pond on their property and as a little girl, I can remember my mom, dad, grandma and I fishing from it. Back then, I used a rather large cane pole. Not only was it large but, it was awkward for a small girl. I seemed to hook more than just fish. Those days are long gone but, are still in my memories. Today I fish with a fly rod, spin cast rod and a cane pole. My husband has taught me alot on fishing techniques ect.. including how to bait the hook. He has tried his best to teach me how to take the fish off the hook as well. but, somehow I cannot seem to master this as I cannot bring myself to touch those cold, scaly, slimy, jumpy, flippy things. Yea, I know, I even tried using gloves. Nope, its not going to happen! But, I love to catch them and let my hubby clean and fillet them. I love to fry them and really love to eat them. I am so blessed to have such a patient and loving husband!

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