Monday, May 31, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- May 31

Oh my! Monday is almost over with and I forgot to post my menu plan Monday. Hope everyone out there had a great memorial day weekend. DH and I stayed busy all weekend. Our town had citywide garage sales and we attempted to hit a few over the last few days....not that I needed anything because the past few months I have been overwhelmed with junk and the idea is to get rid of the junk and not make new junk. But, I was hoping I would find a few select items I truly needed and could there for use. This weekend is our lake association garage sales. DH and I are trying to get ready for yet our second sale of the year. I am afraid though the weather could be against us for this one..well we will see what happens. I really need to unload the rest of all this stuff we have accumalated this past winter. We also had the grand kids over yesterday for swimming and pontoon ride. They love to ride Papas big boat. My menu this week looks like this...

we had leftover burgers( we grilled yesterday in place of having tacos )

garlic bread

tacos your way
peach smoothies

Not sure...out maybe?

cube steak
mashed potatoes
green beans

chicken and veggie stir fry
brown rice

on our own!

For more really great menus, be sure to check out organizing junkie and be sure to link up with your own menu!


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