Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday-May 10

It's better late than never! I was too busy yesterday to post my menu for this week. It seemed I no longer woke up in the morning and it was already time for bed again! To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what happened to the day. The weather here in Indiana has been so rainy, cold and windy so, that when it is sunny and decent outside I feel the need to take advantage of the situation. We are having our oldest granddaughter Jasmyne, staying for the entire weekend this week. I am excited as we haven't seen this granddaughter for a good long while. They grow up so fast. Mimi and Papa plan to spend alot of quality time with her. She loves to go out and eat and go to garage sales with us but not sure what else is on the agenda. We also have another granddaughter who's birthday party is Sunday. Reese will be turning 4 years old. So, for my menu this week I will be throwing in some kid friendly foods Friday and Saturday that I believe Jasmyne will like. Friday she will enjoy helping make the pizza. We will probably go to our favorite restaurant for breakfast a couple of times as, she always requests or should I say, tells us she wants pancakes, sausage, and chocolate milk at village kitchen. My menu this week looks like this....


grilled pork chops

brown rice pilaf

steamed fresh asparagus (from our patch)



canned purple plums


grilled chicken breasts

pea salad

garlic potatoes


progresso minestrone soup

grilled cheese sandwiches

fresh cut up veggies


homemade pizza (veggie for me)



garlic cheesy bread


green salad


Reese's birthday party!

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