Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My garden is growing!

My veggies are growing! It has only been a mere week since I planted them and they are already poking themselves out of the ground.

These are my radishes!

my green onions....

and my mesclum mix!

Do you have a garden? How is your garden growing? I can hardly wait to enjoy a fresh green salad from these veggies! I first fell in love with the idea of growing my own veggies when I was still a quite young child. My father was a farmer, my mom was a stay at home mother and raised us 6 kids on only my dads income. We always had the necessities, and with my dad being a dairy farmer we always had milk and meat. When I were really little I can remember my parents having chickens for eggs also but, they always had a very large garden in which they grew all of our vegetables. Neat rows of carrots, lettuce, green beans, sweet corn. I am so glad my parent's enthusiasm for a large garden and growing all their veggies has rubbed off on me. Having my own garden and growing my own veggies, deciding which veggies to plant, preparing the ground, sowing and tending the plants and finally harvesting the produce and eating it is an activity I will always enjoy!

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