Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Plan monday

How was your weekend? There is one thing about this time of year and its that there is always something to do or that needs to be done. DH and I have been painting our sheds. Tonight we should have the two out of the three done. It's looking good! Nothing like a splash of color on the otherwise unpainted wood. As for our garden, I have my plants and seeds ready to plant. DH will till the garden tomorrow night. We sure are lagging behind this year. Perhaps this week we will be able to play catch up.For this weeks menu we are having......


cabbage with polish kielbasa sausage

whole wheat bread

tapioca pudding


ridiculous easy beef roast (in crock pot)

red potatoes



beef and noodles ( made with leftover roast)

green beans

rhubarb pie ( for the DH)


grilled lemon pepper chicken breasts

brown rice

tossed green salad


chef salads

purple plums (canned)


chicken and veggie stir fry


????Hmmm don't' know what DH has up his sleeve

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