Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It's menu planning Monday again! Gosh, The month of April is just flying on by! Way too fast for me! This week is the big week, the week of my yard sale.There is plenty to do and plenty of stuff! This sale is so huge I am not sure if my yard is big enough to support all there is! DH has been scrambling to find old wood dock sections for some of my tables. These dock sections work out great! I am a bit stressed though this morning as my neighbor that was to help me today can't now as she got into some poison ivy or something like that and her hand yesterday swelled twice the size, itching and oozing, yuck! She said she has to see the doctor today if possible.So, I am on my own completely with no one else to help me. I hope to get plenty accomplished though. With all this said, I won't be on my computer much at all this week if any. I will be back however next week on a regular basis. I am taking pictures of my sale and I will post them Wednesday though! For my menu this week, what else but simple and fast. I will be pooped!


grilled hamburgers

pea salad



tossed green salad


(breakfast for dinner)



hash browns




take home pizza


not sure yet


on our own

Check out orgjunkie for more menu's


  1. I love pea salad.

    I just sent you an e-mail. Don't know if I have the correct e-mail address. You have won my Fruit2O giveaway. Please send me your physical address to forward to the company. Thanks!

  2. I agree this month is flying by...this year is flying by! I really really need to start doing this and stick to it! Oh and congrats on the win!

    Me and Mine in a Small Town

  3. Hi Susan! Just returning your visit from the UBP - I love breakfast for dinner. haha! Have a great day!