Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Fantastic Yard Sale and Pics

My yard sale is over for now. Maybe in a couple of weeks I will have another but, not right away. I am pooped! It was a fantastic sale. Again we were blessed. The weather except for Saturday was beautiful and the people came in mobs steady all day on Thursday. Friday was just a steady flow of people all day. Time went It was crazy for awhile but there was 3 of us and it all worked out great. Saturday it was rainy all day. The stuff was getting wet, but the people still kept on coming. We still have alot of stuff but we sure made a good dent. As I promised, I am a little late but, I am posting these pictures of my sale. See? I told you it was huge! It took almost all my yard and I had so much alot of stuff had to stay in tubs as I didn't have room. We made it work though. Most everyone that came said "gee, you have alot of stuff" What do you think?

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