Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bluegill fishing time

While Susan (that's me) is slaving away preparing for this yard sale....DH was fishing last night until dark and yes, he was enjoying it too! He caught about 30 but kept 11 nice sized ones for our supper tonight. I'm jealous! No, not really...and I wasn't preparing for my sale. I took a shower got into my comfy pj's and watched my all time favorite show American Idol. But, tomorrow you can bet I plan on getting my fishing license so I can fish also. If you don't already know by now, fishing is one of my favorite pastimes. What a better way to enjoy a day than quietly probing a lake in search of bluegills. It's easy and it's simple. It's just great! I love fishing for bluegill with DH especially when I catch more or bigger fish than him. He takes the abuse quite well. DH and I are true bluegill addicts and we don't have to travel very far to find good fishing. I am itching so bad to fish this spring. With the ice off the lakes and the water warming up, the bluegill are hungry. There is something magic about watching a slip bobber suddenly twitch and make a tight circle before plunging beneath the surface as a big bluegill inhales your tiny offering and takes off with it. Maybe I'm dreaming or wishful thinking but, this year with all the bluegill fishing I have in only problem will be finding enough freezer space to store all those tasty fillets....and isn't that a nice problem to have?

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