Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It has been awhile since I did a Thankful Thursday post but, I'm back at it because it is good to share our praises and things we are so thankful for. Be sure to visit spiritually unequal marriage for more Thankful Thursdays. This week has been quite the week so far. I have been sick since last Thursday. Although I am much better now. The weather has been cold and rainy every day and it seems it has been one obstacle after another for DH and I. We have and will get through these obstacles as we always do. One of these obstacles was running out of propane gas yesterday. We both knew we were getting low but, with this crazy cold damp weather we still have had to run our furnace at times. DH was at work and this particular morning I hadn't heard the furnace run for quite some time. It was beginning to get a might chilly in the house. I smelled gas and realized the pilot lights had gone out on the stove. I called DH. It is what I feared...We had run out of gas. DH told me to shut off the gas outside on the tank. I I thought...seeing how I never seen or looked under that little hood on the tank before. I called the gas company and they would have to make an emergency run which in turn would cost me another $150 more to have them come out that day or I could wait until next week. Sigh....My day was already getting worse by the minute. First rule of thumb..NEVER RUN OUT OF GAS on cold rainy days before a holiday! If this wasn't bad enough..a few hours later my Dad came over. As soon as I opened the door, he about fell over. The smell of gas was overwhelming. Having being congested some still from being sick I did not know it was that bad. Perhaps I was just used to the smell but, for whatever reason Dad said it was a wonder my dog and I wasn't on the floor unconscious. We opened windows, turned on the fan and we soon had the smell gone for the most part. Dad said I had went the wrong way and had turned the gas instead wide open. Rule number two..Please always know how and where to shut off your gas! It could mean life or death. I am thankful my father showed up at our house when he did. . I am thankful God watched over my little dog and I and that we were able to get some gas right away to keep our home warm and so we are able to cook our Easter dinner on Sunday. Speaking of Easter.. I thank God for the amazing gift that comes to us on Easter, and it is much better than that chocolate rabbit you plan to nibble the ears off of. Jesus death on the cross, his resurrection, and his ascension into heaven. God gave Jesus to die for our sins and he raised him to life so that we would be acceptable to God. HE loves us that much! Happy Easter everyone!

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