Friday, April 8, 2011

Do your homework

Phew! I have finally been able to get my Internet up to do my posting. Yes, I know, I am constantly apologising to you guys why I haven't made any postings or why I am late posting.I hate it I really do. I don't want to have to apologise all the time. I am trying hard to post at least 3 times a week if I can't post everyday. It is my fault that I did not do my homework. You see it is like this....After an hour of trying to just get my e-mail up last night. I finally just gave up in tears. What I thought was going to be a good thing turned out to be worse. I was so upset about our wild blue Internet it was amazing I could even calm down enough to sleep. I feel cheated and robbed. When I first got wild blue ( broadband) it was last month on the second. For 2 weeks I had no problem. It was nice to have Internet that even though wasn't "fast" per say, it was at least faster than ole' dial up. After about 2 days according to wild blue I had used over half of my allotted bandwidth already. You see...this has me wondering, as the most I did on my computer for the first few days was read, delete e-mails, did a few surveys. I was playing catch-up. Caution! Do not exceed your bandwidth! If you do, you will have slower than dial up speed for as many days as it takes to fall below 70% of your allotted cap. How much pipe would be recovered by simply staying off line for 24 hours? the answer? not much! They just turn down your speed until you're out of FAP violation, but what they don't say is that slowed down speed is so slow that when combined with the interest lag of satellite access, and the heavy traffic on their system, it makes your satellite access completely useless while in a FAP violation period! The bottom line is you are very limited as to what you can do. The basic plan was sold to me as being able to surf the net, read e-mails Do my surveys, blog, play farmville ( which I have discontinued...and another story) It was disclosed there are thresh holds, but it is not explained well how fast those thresholds can be met and that there is a penalty when you can surpass them. Wild blue requires a 2 year contract and will impose a $15/month early termination fee if you break it. The way I have been feeling lately, that $15/month doesn't look bad! Sometimes your only option is poor and nothing if you happen to be in a rural area that is not serviced by DSL or cable, your options are pretty limited. With wild Blue you have the option of 3 packages the value or basic/512 kbps (this is what I have) at $49.95/month, The select /1kbps at $69.95/mo or the pro/ 1.5 kbps at $79.95/mo all are very expensive! Trust me, Just be sure to do your research before choosing their services or any service. It may not really be for you. Wild blue is truly "out in space" If you are into self torture you may want to try them out! I have learned a valuable lesson.

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  1. Wow. We have Charter Communications. We have never signed a contract with them. I have very few complaints here, other than I sometimes wonder if we can really afford to have internet service at all. I try to balance it in my mind - I make a few bucks blogging, I get free books to review and then give away, I send manuscripts to editors online, blah, blah, blah. I'm still spending more than I'm making, but I have fun and get to keep in touch with family and friends easier.

    Hope you get the kinks worked out.