Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First fishing trip of the Spring season

Here in the Midwest, the weather is finally warming up. The sun is shining....Yes, Spring is in the air. The daffodils are in bloom..Gosh, I have been aching to go fishing since the ice left the lake. There is nothing like the taste of fresh pan fried bluegill! My dad, sister and I decided today was the day. We would go to the pond. I like going there because I always catch a mess of bluegill, good sized ones too! Being on a private pond you don't need a fishing licence as, I don't have mine yet. In the beginning we weren't sure we would be able to go as my dad wouldn't be able to drive back to it with his truck, being so wet and all. We decided later that he would drive out to the pond with his lawn tractor with his wagon behind it to carry the bucket, bait and fishing poles. My sister and I would walk. It is a way to walk but, we didn't mind it as walking after all, would be good exercise. Even though at 60 degrees, the sun shone brightly,however, the north wind cut right through us. This made for a difficult time to cast our line out. Our lines at times got tangled a few times from some tall weeds amongst the shore line. The fish were hungry! It is no wonder as they do not have mosquitoes and such to eat yet. We used red worms and wax worms but the fish prefered the red worms today. It seemed my sister and I were reeling all the fish in until my dad got out his small cane pole and used it and then he was reeling them in right and left. No one got skunked .I am sure if I hadn't had to go to the bathroom so bad we would have stayed longer. Our pail was packed with fish! It was time to head back to the house. 51 fish=102 pieces divided by 3 = 30.6 pieces each to be exact. We all had enough for a meal and one batch for each of us to freeze for another meal, another day. Now, we had to clean all those fish. Most city folk would have to wonder at the sight of my dad, sister and I outside at the table cleaning fish with chickens walking all around us. My dad throws a piece of chicken gut now and then as the chickens scramble for that one piece. We laugh and talk. I had an amazing time and I really look forward to my next fishing trip on the pond. But, next time it will be 60 degrees and no wind!

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