Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 5/2

One of the best ways to save is by creating a simple weekly menu. To tell you the truth, I 'm not perfect and every now and then I slip upon my planning however, if I didn't do a menu each week or at least some kind of a guideline I would spend more at the grocery store and more tempted to eat out more and I would be more tempted to eat more convience foods in general. Making a menu every week has become rather important to me for just this factor. Stumped?? Organizing junkie has many more amazing menu ideas and recipes. Be sure to check her out. This is what is on our menu this week.


chicken and noodles

dandelion greens* ( my mom used to make this alot; every spring; when I was a little girl) Tastes like spinach

blueberry snack cake


ham and beans

corn bread


almond chicken

brown/wild rice pilaf

nonfat frozen yogurt




Salisbury steak

mashed potatoes

steamed broccoli



tossed green salad

garlic/cheese bread


on our own!

Dandelion greens*

You want to pick dandelion greens before it flowers as is best then. Wash greens really well making sure you have all dirt out. Soak greens in water and salt for awhile. Drain, rinse well. Heat greens until hot and wilted. In a skillet melt a little bit of oleo or bacon fat. ( I like oleo as it's healthier than the latter) Put greens in, Beat egg, a little mustard,( about 1/4 tsp) 1 Tbls. vinegar and salt and pepper. cook altogether with greens. Cook until hot.

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