Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 5/8

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! We had an amazing day yesterday weather wise and myself also. Hope all of you had the same. Even though it was Mothers Day, I chose to plant many of my plants and herbs DH gave me for Mothers Day. ( two flats). It was just a perfect day indeed! I worked so hard outside, I was too tired to eat my supper and I went to bed early ( it was still light outside) and I slept like a baby all night! We have another exceptional day on tap again today and I hope I can get more garden veggies and flowers planted. There is much to do yet for sure. While DH has many piers to install I have the house and garden to take care of. Spring has always been a busy time of year for us. This week will be know exception. My menu has to be easy and quick. This is what we will be having. Oh! and don't forget to check out organizing junkie for more menus!
sloppyjoe sandwiches
sweet potato fries
fresh rhubarb pie
pan fried bluegill
green beans
fruit smoothies
beef and bean burritos
Spanish rice
grilled pork chops
pea salad
brown/wild rice pilaf
On our own!

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