Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 5/23

Another Monday and another plan! As always you can find more amazing menus at organizing junkie. This week is busier than ever because DH and I are getting ready to set up at the flea market this weekend. There is much to do. There is more stuff to take to the storage unit, pricing, packing, and setting up the whole thing initially. Phew...makes me tired just thinking about it. Hoping for a good sale and a good Memorial Day weekend. I am worried and I know I shouldn't worry. If you know anything about me, I tend to be a worry wart. The flea market is set up outside. With all the rain and thunderstorms we have been experiencing and devastating tornadoes in some states, Please, Please, pray for good weather. Financially we are depending on this sale. Since this is an extremely busier week than usual I will have to think easy and quick. I don't want to be tempted to eat out. This can be costly for sure and will eat up our profits from the sale. We are both going to be tired at the end of the day. Making some things ahead of time will be helpful when we get tempted to eat out. I will pack snacks, sandwiches drinks and so forth for our lunches there. For our dinners in the evening, well, this is what I have planned for this week.
Brats on the grill
baked beans
tossed salad
brown rice pilaf
pan fried bluegill
sweet potato fries
pea salad
we will be eating out this night
chef salads
strawberry/banana smoothies
on our own???

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  1. We're really into smoothies and drinks (like the lemonade you link to) for desserts in the evenings. I guess I'm wanting to make things light and easy. I'm going to check out the strawberry lemonade recipe now.