Friday, February 25, 2011

We find contentment in the promises of God

The role of money in people's day to day lives is quite amazing when it's put into prospective. The primary reason Americans get up in the morning is so they can go out and make money. Money buys things. Money influences people. Money keeps us alive. Money makes us happy, or does it? Have you ever noticed contentment is an illusive commodity today? In fact, much of the business world works hard to breed discontent so that we will buy their product and keep the economy healthy. They tell us something is new and improved so we will feel that we have less than the best and are somehow "behind the times" so to speak. Gambling institutions (including lottery officials) show us pictures of what we could do with the winnings of the lottery. They are deliberating trying to make us feel dissatisfied with life playing to our greed. They want us to believe that we are not significant if we don't have the best and newest. Let's be honest, It is hard to be content in the difficult times. We look around and see others who seem to be doing better than we are and we feel cheated. It is hard to feel satisfied, confident, joy, when our plans are suddenly changes, when life is not going the way you want it to be going. For me this past 2 weeks has been just that. Living in a rural area can sometimes have its pitfalls especially when it comes to Internet service. Broad band or dial up is our only option. I love my computer. I spend alot of time, maybe too much on it. But, dial up is ....SLOW....! I am so limited on what I can do and trying to do my surveys take forever if I can even do them. I could go on and on and I have to tell you I have done my share of moaning and groaning. If broadband wasn't so expensive and didn't have that up front cost maybe I would have had it by now. DH has given in and agreed to let me set up broad band for my computer., which is exactly what I have done...well...supposedly..One of the providers that I decided on never got back with me after they said they would. I could call them back, but somehow I suddenly do not feel comfortable about this. I have the cash in my hand..I can finally have my "fast" Internet...But why can't I just be content with what I have? This is going to break us for the next two weeks even though this can be done. I mean just because my Internet doesn't do all I want it to do, I still have Internet right? I have been praying about this. One thing I have learned about this world we live in is how fast it is developing. We now have so many technologies that has helped us control places that we might never be. One of the great technologies is the Internet and with only decade ago dial-up Internet was the prevalent form of Internet connection. Today, dial -up is totally irrelevant. Dial-up is already going into extinction. Maybe for the moment, broadband Internet isn't for me. Perhaps later, In God's timing and that's alright with me. I should be content on what I do have. Waiting for God's timing is probably one of the hardest things we have to do, but it's worth it. Too many people believe happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction is found in power, possessions, promotions and pleasure. But, these are roads that lead to dead ends. There is only one road to contentment and it goes through Jesus. Are you content with what you have from the Lord?-not seeking more or complaining of less?

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