Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fishing with my Dad

I went fishing with my Dad yesterday morning. We have been talking about going fishing on the pond by his place for quite awhile. Yep, just my Dad and I. The pond seems so different than the lake when it comes to fishing. My thinking is that the fish are dumber. Really, some of the best bluegill fishing can be found in ponds. Remember always ask permission to fish on private ponds. If you are simply wanting to catch alot of fish regardless of size, most ponds will provide ample bluegill action. I grew up fishing from a small farm pond located close enough to my house that we could walk to it. I remember many times fishing with my mom, my dad and grandma. Ponds are still a great place to catch fish! Dad and I caught 38 nice bluegill in a couple of hours in the morning. I hooked a small bass and a few young ones that were too small to keep. My DH bought me a really cute lightweight 12 ft. cane pole awhile back. I love that pole! I have hooked more large bluegill with that little gem. I gave my dad the exact same pole for fathers day. He also hooked more fish with that little gem! Bluegill spawn in spring and early summer and this is a good time to catch them. When the water exceeds 70 degrees, begin looking for spawning bluegill in shallow water on their beds. Which explains why so many large bluegill we caught were females loaded with eggs. We cleaned all 38 fish. Dad filleted with his electric knife and I cut out the ribs. As a team it seemed like we had the fish cleaned in no time! Here's a picture of my dad cleaning the fish.

All in all, It was a great way to spend the day and be rewarded with some tasty eating!

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  1. Have you ever tried Ice Fishing? It has that same small and quiet feel as pond fishing because you spend most of your time in the shack. It's a great time for bonding. My Father used to take me every winter when I was a kid and now we take my boy. If you're interested in giving it a shot you should get your gear from Sportsman's Guide and their ice fishing page. It should be cheaper than anything else you'll find around. Good luck and keep fishin'!