Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another yard sale over

Another yard sale of mine is over and I am so ever thankful! For now, I am not sure when I will have the third one or if I will. DH and I are thinking of setting up at some of the local flea markets maybe, possibly, a table or two of stuff but, that is a big if at the moment. Flea markets are an excellent option for those with alot of stuff to get rid of or if you live in an area with low traffic, primarily non-residential, live in an apartment or other residence that doesn't allow yard sales .You are guaranteed more customers at a flea market than at a yard sale even if your neighborhood is great for your yard sales. Most people come to find bargains but, they expect to pay more than at a yard sale.Anyways I am glad this sale is over for now. Yard sales are alot of work especially when they are as big as mine are. but, I've had alot of fun and they have been profitable for DH and I. This time when we cleaned up I got rid of at least 2/3 of the clothes and 1/2 of all the other junk. My son took it all but the clothes which I donated them. He hopes to run a yard sale of his own for some extra money. Personally, I am just so tired of dealing with all this stuff! It may sound crazy, but all this stuff just stresses me out! By having too much stuff laying around, it takes time and effort to maintain it and takes my attention away from other things I would rather be focusing on. It wastes my time because when I have all this clutter around i have to search for things I have but can't find quickly or not at all. Okay...In short I've tried more. It's awful. I want less, and I want it now!

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