Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No excuses, just extra busy

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was a bit on the extra busy side and for the most part is always busy. Okay, okay I really have no excuses for not posting Monday. No excuses, just busy. Honestly, It has been a very busy summer so far. I don't understand why I can't seem to get caught up on anything. Sometimes I feel as if I am always playing catch up with my housework, my garden ect. So, I have come up with the conclusion I must be taking on too many things at once or it is just because I am getting older and it takes me longer now to do certain things. Whatever the case may be..I don't like it! Anyways, back to my amazing weekend... On Saturday DH and I decided to go to an auction in Spencerville, Indiana. We haven't been to an auction for quite some time and so instead of our usual day of having breakfast, farmers market, and hitting a few garage sales, we decided on a different approach. Now, I love auctions and to tell you the truth, if I had extra or should I say lots of bucks, because who has alot of extra cash to blow in these poor economic times? I would go to an auction or two every chance I could get. I enjoy those dollar or two junk boxes. There is most always some good stuff you find in them a person can use. The stuff I don't want or can't use will go in our flea market sale and we will make our money back and plus. The drive over was relaxing. as Spencerville was mostly a simple, quaint Amish community. Pure Amish country, It couldn't get any better than that. We aquired a truck load of stuff. DH and I had so much fun. I will have to clean and price everything that will go in our Labor day sale.
Yesterday morning I woke up early as my Sister, niece and Dad and I went blueberry picking. I enjoy picking blueberries, partly for the fact there is no bending down to pick them making it so much easier on my back. I had 14 1/2 lbs of blueberries to take care of when I got home. I put some away in the freezer, put up some blueberry jam and blueberry pie filling. I am whooped! Especially after cleaning up blueberry glop that boiled over all over my stove and down to the floor and then I splashed it all over the counter top and a bit on the wall by the sink. It took me an hour to clean up everything. Clumsy me!
My garden is producing many fresh veggies and this time of year I don't lack in this department for our meals. This is also good for my diet. It's about time to get a bit more serious on what and how DH and I eat. Well, myself anyways, DH will be a hard one to convert his eating habits. I hope it will make me a healthier, more energetic person. However, the weeds have decided to overrun my garden and it is so bad, I am sure it will take me forever to get my poor garden clean again. It looks like quite the weed patch for now. If the weather cooperates and it doesn't get too hot again, I may just be able to get out there to do it. Tomorrow I will be helping my Dad and sister pick beans and I hope to freeze a few this time around. I also promised I would help my sister make blueberry jam. So you see.....every day seems to be full with so much to do. It's no wonder I am whooped at the end of the day. No computer time then neither as I find myself falling asleep at the computer. This may be why I have been extra busy?......nope never...no excuses.

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