Monday, July 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 7/18

Whew! It sure feels good to be back blogging. Time got away from me. It seemed it took forever for summer to arrive and now it seems it is half over with. Really, it is going by way too fast for me. There has been so much to do this summer and I never seem to get much accomplished. My father said one day, that it isn't that we got so much to do, it is that we are just slower at what we do and that is why we never seem to get it done. Hmmmm.....sounds logical. While I have been gone, my garden has been providing us with lots of fresh veggies. Trust me, DH and I haven't been lacking them in our diet the past few weeks. We are enjoying them all so much and we are ever so thankful for all we get. We have been having a soaring heat wave here in Indiana and so because this week is supposed to be HOT all week, I am going to make my dinners easy and light as possible. Oh! and we just got word that our new grandson, Issiah Bradley will soon be entering the world anytime now. I can't wait. Here is my plan for the week. Be sure to head on over to organizing junkie for more meal plans.
egg salad sandwiches
sliced cucumbers and tomatoes
blueberry smoothies
grilled pork chops
green beans
spaghetti with meat sauce
tossed green salad
garlic bread
pan fried bluegill
hamburgers on grill
potato salad
sliced cucumbers/tomatoes
peach cobbler
on our own

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