Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Daniel Cure by Susan Gregory & Richard J. Bloomer, PhD

 I was a wee disappointed with this book at first because the data seemed a bit overwhelming but, other than that, I enjoyed this book very much, especially the recipes of over 50. The focus of this book is to take the reader to the next step by creating a new way of living and eating from a Christian perspective. God does care about how we care for our bodies and we need to be aware of the resources we have been given. I hope to implement this diet at some point.Since the concept of this book is rooted in Daniel 1; 11-13 and Daniel 10; 2-3. When Daniel fasts and prays and eats food from seeds. I believe you can't just jump into this diet. I believe America's health profile can be significantly changed by adopting a lifestyle of eating whole minimally processed foods. I believe this book is an easy effective way to just implement this lifestyle and change. This book was very informative and a must have for anyone considering this fast or way of living. I received this book free from book sneeze. The opinion I have expressed are my own.

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