Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- March 21

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday. I am off to a late start. I decided to boil my chicken for my chicken and noodles for tonights dinner and make cookies. DH loves my chicken and noodles. He claims they taste like the apple festival's chicken and noodles. ( I don't know about that) But, he often requests this dish. Spring is in the air so I decided my menu should be well ....Springy as well as trying to keep it healthy somewhat and simple. Check out organizing junkie and while you are visiting, stay awhile and check out the many great menus. I get alot of different ideas from these, along with many amazing recipes.


chicken and noodles

steamed asparagus


omelets ( veggie for me)

sweeter muffins

apple sauce


chicken pot pie w/bisquit crust

fruit smoothies




grilled garlic butter salmon

brown rice pilaf

steamed broccoli


sloppy joe sandwhiches

cole slaw

michigan baked beans


On our own!


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